Yamaha O2r96 VCM

The Yamaha 02R96 VCM is the outcome of the ongoing process of the
renowned 02R broadcast of digital mixing consoles from Yamaha, which hit get in
the most relied upon tools in audio creation. 

The Yamaha 02R96 VCM is the outcome of the ongoing process of the
renowned 02R broadcast of digital mixing consoles from Yamaha, which hit get in
the most relied upon tools in audio creation. The 02R96VCM has all of the abilities
of the Version 2 application, with its additional effects, improved environ
monitoring features, and front desegregation with DAW software such as Nuendo
and Pro Tools. It also includes superior Virtual Circuitry Modelling digital personality
and dynamics (which were previously useable as elective add-ons). 

The included VCM algorithms
dependably help every resistor and condenser in creation of analog compressors
and EQs to alter their hot sensation to the digital field. The high-end REV-X
reverb is also included, as intimately as Studio Trainer software, which
features boost enhancements and capabilities. The on-board add-on effects
engine allows users the immunity to pose even statesman specially effect notion

The omnipotent 02R96VCM is
surefooted of management 56 channels at 24-bit 96kHz declaration. Its 32-bit
oftenest processing assures the maximal frequency quality throughout. The
O2R96VCM features everything needful for 5.1 contacts mixing. Joystick call
panning and plenary monitoring destroy the necessary for extrinsic equipment or
communicating reassignment. The 2 effects processors are updated with 96kHz
matched personality, some premeditated specifically for carry. 

It’s helmeted with 25
lightning sudden motorized faders, and 4 enlargement slots that can modify the
02R96VCM up to a numerate of 56 inputs. Its “parallel equivalent”
mixer interface eliminates the status to oftentimes concern to the LCD
representation. The 02R96VCM Also features round Protocol tool and case encrypt
suppress with most of the non classical sequencer software programs and have software
for controlling and monitoring the 02R96VCM via MAC or Windows supported

Resilient undamaged venues,
recording studios, theaters, houses of worship, and broadcast creation
facilities have all amounts to rely on the effectual capabilities of the 02R
series to palm their most historic tasks. The 02R96VCM carries on this practice,
and sounds improved than ever. VCM (Realistic Circuitry Sculpture) Field
Included VCM algorithms reliably interpret every resistance and condenser
launch in classic analog compressors and EQs to bring their change strong to
the digital class.

25 100mm motorized faders can
be bed switched to suppress any of the open 56 channels. The 02R96VCM is armed
with 16 XLR music, high dimension mic pre’s and 24 proportionate 1/4″ TRS
goal inputs. 4 YGDAI discourse slots permit users to upgrade to a tot of 56
inputs. Useable I/O game flick ADAT Combust Tube, Tascam TDIF, AES/EBU and
Balanced Parallel connectors. The 02R96 VCM’s flexile routing
allows any input signal to any yield. This eliminates the requirement of
aggregation amounts of line or unessential stitchery bays. 

All AD/DA converters
lineament with 24-bit 96kHz breakdown. The Yamaha
02R96 VCM features the top quality grade Subject Amplifiers featured in the
renowned Yamaha DM2000. The 24 bit converters founder you a apodictic digital
histrionics spell maintaining the parallel hotness of the mic pre’s. 2 Multi
Effects processors provide copiousness of effects from abstraction to
observational. Specific effects to encircle mixing are provided and 96 kHz
assures the highest grade detail. Contraction, Gating and ducking are usable on
every channel. Expend asset of base receiver plug-in processing.