The Facts about Tabloid Printing

If you provide an information resource in the Los Angeles area, chances are you need ways to make your publication stand out. Tabloid printing services are a great way to accomplish this goal, particularly if you can locate a reputable Los Angeles tabloid printing company. Read on for information that will give you an idea of how you can use this service for your company.

Tabloid printing actually refers to the size of the paper used for printing certain publications. The pages are smaller than most of the standard size magazine pages. You can tell whether you have a tabloid size page by folding a broadsheet in half. Tabloid printing is for publishers looking to create a smaller magazine that is easy and convenient for customers to read no matter where they are. In short, tabloid size publications simply handle better, overall.

Many newsletters and gossip magazines are printed on tabloid-style stock. So, for example, if mail newsletters to clients on a regular basis, tabloid printing is ideal. You can also print in-house newsletters using tabloid printing, so that the company information you’re sending out to employees can be designed to look neat and concise. Another good example is your typical gossip magazine. Often done through tabloid printing, gossip magazines are easy to read and can easily be folded up into a purse or briefcase for additional reading at a different time.

Newspapers are also created using tabloid printing quite often, so if you are thinking of printing a local paper, tabloid printing is a cost-effective way to print your publication. A feature-style community newspaper is another option for tabloid printing and can be filled with information on local job opportunities, coupons and recipes and more. Tabloid printing is perfect as you can easily distribute a community publication through the mail and because of its tabloid size, it can easily fit into a standard-size mailbox.  

When you are looking for Los Angeles offset printing services, take the time to peruse the printer’s portfolio to get a clear idea of how your project will look when it is finished. If you can view samples online and in print, even better! You should also shop around to find the best printing company you can find. Keep in mind that this means that the company with the cheapest pricing structure doesn’t mean you are getting the best quality.

Check out online sources to find a company to address your printing needs. Finding a company that offers a variety of services in addition to tabloid printing is also ideal, as you can then work with them on any future publication printing services. Keep that in mind when you schedule a consultation to ensure that you find a company that does all styles of printing, such as digest printing and bindery printing, to keep your company moving forward.