Ride safe with powerful Yamaha R15

The Yamaha R15 is here to stay. Yamaha bikes were frowned upon until recently. But the Yamaha R15 replaces that frown with an ear to ear smile. The bike is styled to please. The design is complex but easy on the eye.

The latest model is the Yamaha R15 version 2.0. It bears a resemblance
to the earlier version but is somehow more symmetric. The bike looks
more planted and composed. It seems to have a sense of integrity. It is
pleasure to see such exquisite machines on Indian roads. The Yamaha R15
proves to be quite a relief from the same old bikes that can hardly be
distinguished from each other. But the Yamaha R15 is not just all looks –
it packs quite a punch as well. The bike is powered by a 150 cc, four
stroke engine. The engine manages to generate the maximum power of 17 PS
at eight thousand five hundred rotations per minute. Also, the engine
generates a torque of 15 Newton metres at 7500 rpm. This ensures that
you get a surge of adrenalin every time you squeeze the throttle. The
bike is a sports bike and stands true to its reputation. The bike lets
you strut your stuff in style by featuring alloy wheels. The bike is
available in bold colors like blue, red and midnight black.

The Yamaha R15 has a 6 speed manual transmission. The shifts are quick
and pretty smooth – there are hardly any jerks while shifting even in
the lower gears. The bike offers good mileage. The kilometre per litre
averages out at about 30 to 32 in the city and over 42 on the highway.
The problem with most sporty bikes is that they are quite low. This is
not exactly pleasant – especially on our roads where potholes are deep
enough to drown a small adult. The Yamaha R15 solves this problem by
offering a ground clearance of 16 cm. That is almost as good as a car. Yamaha bikes price
in India is very competitive. Yamaha bikes price is always easy on the
pocket. The Yamaha R15 bikes price in India is about rupees 1,19,000
(approximate, ex – showroom). This might seem to be slightly on the
higher side – but it is not much considering that the Yamaha R15 is
perhaps the ultimate show stopper in the country.