Hollywood Visitors Guide

Over view of the sights and attractions of Hollywood, including what to do and see along Hollywood Blvd, seeing Walk of Fame, Hollywood and Highlands and Melrose Ave shopping district.


When one thinks of Hollywood,
California they usually imagine
scenes of celebrities, film and TV production and star seeking hopefuls
arriving by the plane loads daily. While some of these perceptions are true,
most of the studios have moved on to other areas of Los Angeles. Today Hollywood is more of a bustling tourist
destination and makes for an excellent beginning point for seeing all the
sights around LA and a historic landmark to the film and television industry’s


The main artery through Hollywood is Hollywood Blvd. It is along Hollywood Blvd
visitors will see the Hollywood and Highland entertainment center, Walk of Fame,, Grauman’s
Chinese Theatre, the El Capitan Theatre and several hotels including the
Roosevelt Hotel, the W Hotel (opening in January  2010) and the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel.  In addition to the main sights and
attractions of Hollywood Blvd,
it is also the street to catch a tour bus that departs hourly for tours of
celebrity mansions, Beverly Hills
and Downtown Los Angeles. 


One of the newest and more exciting attractions to open in Hollywood in recent years has been the Hollywood
and Highlands entertainment center on Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave. A
multi level outdoor shopping, dinning and entertainment complex, the Hollywood and Highland
structure has an U shape with the open end facing out onto Hollywood Blvd. At any of the levels
visitors can observe Hollywood
Blvd, Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign, the water
spouting from many ground fountains or take in the sight of both the Kodak
Theatre and Renaissance Hollywood Hotel rising from the back of the complex. It
is the Kodak Theatre where the annual Academy Awards are now held. At the base
of the Hollywood and Highland center and along the Walk of Fame is
Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Here visitors from all over the world come to place
their hands in concrete imprints of hands and feet left from some of the
biggest movie stars in the world.


All along Hollywood
Blvd and adjacent to the Hollywood
and Highland
center are little pink granite stars on the sidewalk known as the Walk of Fame.
Representing over 2,300 stars of celebrities from music, film, radio, TV and
producing, the Walk of Fame extends down Hollywood Blvd and up down the side
streets.  There are many unique shopping
opportunities along this stretch of Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood memorabilia
stores are a dime a dozen on this stretch selling t shirts, plastic Oscars, old
paparazzi photos of movie stars and more. In front of the Hollywood
and Highland complex tour buses depart hourly
for all parts of Los Angeles including tours of
celebrity homes, Beverly Hills
and Downtown Los Angeles.


Extending behind the Hollywood
and Highland
center is Franklin Ave. Off of Franklin Ave is a little street that travels
deep into the Hollywood Hills called the Outpost Estates. This was the original
neighborhood that the first major Hollywood
stars of the early talkies of the 20s and 30s called home. Many of the homes in
this area have been renovated to maintain their original look and feel from
that time. Today many of these houses are all over a million dollars and many,
the higher up on the road, have amazing views of all of Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. Regular
tour buses departing from Hollywood
Blvd give visitors a complete rundown and exposure
of this historic area of Hollywood.


La Brea Blvd
is the major north, south route running through Hollywood. There are many boutique shopping
and dinning opportunities along this stretch. At the intersection of La Brea
and Melrose is
where the Melrose Ave
shopping district begins. Extending west from La Brea all the way past Fairfax and into West Hollywood,
the Melrose Ave
shopping district is full of boutique retailers selling everything from belts,
boots, chic clothing, lingerie and even movie poster, books and music. It was Melrose Ave that
the first ever Johnny Rockets opened stands there today. On Melrose Ave east of La Brea is the world famous
Paramount Pictures studio lot. One of the last studios to be located in Hollywood, Paramount
has a long history of producing some of the biggest movie titles of all time.
Today this active studio lot is home to daily productions of day time and prime
time television shows, movies and commercials. Paramount Pictures offers a guided
tour of the lot and visitors can get some revealing glimpses of the inner
workings of the studio just by walking the perimeter.


A visit to Hollywood
and taking in all the sights and attractions can easily be accomplished in little
more than one or two days. Hollywood is a great
place to book a hotel and make it a visitor’s anchor while seeing the other
sights of LA such as Beverly Hills, Universal
Studios and West Hollywood.

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